Free Keno Games To Play For Fun

Keno isn’t one of the most popular casino games on the planet – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing, and – as you’ll see from this article – Keno can offer some staggeringly large payouts, many of which can, quite literally, change someone’s life! Whether you’re looking to play Keno games free, want to play free Keno or simply want to play free Keno games for fun, here at we’ve done all we can to make sure that you’re able to enjoy the best selection of games possible.

Below, you’ll find many play video Keno online free options to choose between, and whether it’s the top online casinos to play the games at or the best free online Keno games, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice here!

The Best Online Casinos For Instant Play Keno

While Keno isn’t the most widely available casino game on the planet, you will find it offered at many different online casinos. And it’s important to note that all of the games which are listed above can be played – free of charge – right here on To make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible, you will also not need to worry about signing up for – or registering – an account. This is designed to make life as simple and hassle-free as possible for you.

Free Keno: The Rules

Keno is, essentially, a lottery game. It works similarly to conventional land-based lotteries and depending on the type of bet you’re planning on placing, you’ll need to choose anywhere from four to ten numbers depending on the specific bet that you are looking to place. Depending on the game variation you’re playing, you’ll find that you’re able to choose these numbers between 1 and 80. The number(s) you choose is called the “spot”, and you’ll find that if you’re playing Keno games for real money, the minimum bet is usually between 1-5 cents. This varies depending on which online casino you’re playing at. Of course, if you’re playing Keno for free, you won’t need to worry about stake size at all – you can choose to bet as little, or as much as you like!

Now, one thing that is well worth bearing in mind when playing Keno is that it’s a game that favours the casino quite heavily. Depending on the type of bet you place, the house edge can be as high as 30%! That means that for every $100 you wager, the casino can expect to profit – on average – $30! That being said, some very high payouts are possible as a result of playing Keno, and you should find yourself able to have a good time, thanks to the fact that if you play one of the games here on, you don’t need to put up any of your own money at risk!

Different Types of Keno

As with virtually all forms of casino games, game developers try to come up with as many variations of one game as possible. This allows them to appeal to as wide of a market as possible, and it ensures that there’s always new innovation coming out on the market.

Power Keno

Power Keno is one of the most popular variations of Keno on the marketplace today, and it’s pretty much the same as regular Keno – with one many difference. If the 20th ball that lands matches one of the numbers on the ticket, any winnings for that specific game round are multiplied by 4X.

Super Keno

Another hugely popular Keno variation, Super Keno uses the same rules as Power Keno – but again, there’s one core difference. It’s not the 20th ball that determines which number is powerful for that round, it’s the first one drawn. This will, again, multiply your winnings by 4X.

Combination and Way Keno

Both of these Keno variations allow you to choose groups of numbers – along with certain combinations. While, naturally, this makes it harder to hit the desired outcome (because it’s mathematically a rarer result), it does mean that there’s a much higher win ceiling – essentially allowing you to enjoy playing with some pretty high win-potential!

Video Keno

Video Keno is likely the type of Keno you’ll see when you play online today. In fact, all of the variations of Keno that we’ve just covered are all “video Keno” machines – and this term simply refers to the fact that the machine is virtual, using random number generators instead of real balls.

What Else To Know?

It’s incredibly important to know the ins and outs of Keno before you choose to go on to play for real money. Of course, this is if you decide to play for real money. You’re more than welcome to play all of the games right here on our website for free, and you don’t need to create an account to do so. Let’s take a look at a few other things to know about Keno below.

Keno is completely random

Hopefully, this should be fairly obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that when you play Keno online, every single time you play the game, the result is new, and generated randomly. The game pulls a number from something called an RNG (random number generator), and this allows it to receive a truly random result every time the machine is played. Because of the random number of Keno, it’s also worth pointing out that there simply isn’t any strategy or system that can be used to beat the game. It’s purely a game of chance – and if you’re playing for real money, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are some quite big payouts to be won too. That being said, please don’t dismiss the idea of playing for free either – that can be equally as exciting!

Hot and Cold Numbers

Even though it’s been proven that all online Keno machines use completely random numbers, it’s well worth pointing out that some players do believe there are – so-called – hot and cold numbers. In reality, this is actually a very clever marketing mechanism by the game developers, and they know that players will often think that there are hot and cold numbers – when, in fact, there aren’t. It’s always important to remember that the game is 100% random – there is no physical way that hot and cold numbers exist, and you should never assume that a number is “due” to come in, simply because it hasn’t landed in quite some time.

You should play free Keno

There’s a large number of reasons why you should consider playing Keno. It’s good fun, it’s fast-paced – and there’s a huge amount of win-potential if you decide to go ahead and play for real money. However, it’s also worth pointing out that playing Keno for free can be equally as enjoyable. In fact, some would even argue that it’s better suited to those who are playing it for free. Why?

Well, it all comes back to that house edge that we talked about earlier. You see, with popular games like Roulette and Blackjack, the house edge is usually quite low – think along the lines of 5%. With Keno’s 30% house edge, it’s a massive increase – and this really does harm players who are choosing to go ahead and brave it using their own funds.

No matter how you choose to play Keno, it is undoubtedly a fun game to play. There’s no thrill quite like watching the game unfold in front of your own eyes – and thanks to advancements in online gambling technology. It’s now possible to play Keno and actually feel as though you’re sitting in a land-based casino, adding to the excitement and atmosphere.


Where can I play Keno for free?

That’s easy to answer – you can play right here at! Our team of online gambling experts have worked hard to bring you the best Keno games, and you don’t need to register an account or sign up in order to begin playing them. Simply choose the game you want to play and get started!

How to play Keno for free online?

Playing Keno online for free couldn’t be simpler. The only thing you need to do is select the variation of Keno you’d like to play, choose your lucky numbers and cross your fingers! It really is that easy, and there’s nothing else to worry about – you don’t need to worry about losing either, because you’re playing with free (fake) money!

Where can I find an online casino to play free Keno at?

At the top of this page, you’ll be able to view a breakdown of the top online casinos currently offering free-play Keno. If you see a casino that takes your fancy, simply click the button alongside the casino’s name, and you’ll be taken directly to their site!